Nicest Pre-Wedding Locations in Bali

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Pre-wedding photography is often conducted by some couples who want to get married. Bali is one of the main destinations to hold a pre-wedding photography. The pre-wedding locations in Bali are so great and beautiful so that it can help photographer and Flo wedding organizer to give the priority on the photo concept. What are the nicest locations to conduct the photography?

Ujung Karangasem Park
If you want to conduct a pre-wedding photography with fairytale theme with royal background, Ujung Karangasem Park is the right choice. This royal park is often called to be Ujung Sukasada Park. The main background in this park accentuates architectural royal building with the typical combination of Holland, Arabic and Balinese architecture. In addition to show its architecture side, it is famous for very wide pond.

Bedugul Lake
Do you want to carry out a pre-wedding photography with lake background?, Flo wedding organizer advise you  Bedugul Lake is the only one answer. This lake is located in mountainous area in Bali. It creates fresh atmosphere during staying in Bedugul. It is possible to find fog and rain in this lake. The best time to take a photography is at the morning.

Tegal Wangi Beach
One of pre-wedding locations in Bali is Tegal Wangi Beach. It is located in Jimbaran tourism area. Why should you select this beach? Why don’t you choose the other beaches? Tegal Wangi beach is chosen because there are few tourists coming to this beach so that you can conduct a pre-wedding activity without any disturbances. Moreover, the location of this beach is perfect, the west of Bali Island in which it has a beautiful sunset panorama.

Blue Point Chapel
Blue Point Chapel is one of the nicest pre-wedding locations in Bali. It belongs to the high end location for people having unlimited budget. When you want to conduct in this place, Flo wedding organizer will reserved it before because it is often chosen to be the pre-wedding location.

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