How to Make Attractive Pre Wedding Session

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Flo wedding organizer Create attractive pre wedding photo session that looks different and personal on you. When you have chosen your wedding photographer, ensure that you have established your pre wedding photo theme, concept, and location with your wedding photographer. You also need to define the style that you want for your pre wedding photography. The basic pre wedding photography such as formal, classic, expressive, romantic, silhouette or urban and vintage can be great option for you.

Flo wedding organizer can Choose the best time for y our pre wedding photo. If you consider nighttime at photography wedding you can need to choose location that has enough lights and background. Lighting is the most important key for creating perfect photography. Therefore, choosing best time for photography is crucial need especially if you go outdoor pre wedding.

Property is best for your pre wedding idea. This is the key when you get the pre wedding photo shot. Property is important element rule in photography wedding. The stuff and property that Flo wedding organizer  use is developing from the theme and concept you have in your photo. For example, for picnic theme, taking the rattan basket with mat will be great to see rather than seeing couple sit in grass. Next, is makeup and costume that you need to consider in pre wedding photography. To make your pre wedding photograph look attractive, you need to ensure that the makeup is suit with the theme and concept.

Some pre wedding photography can be great with unique idea to do such as the diving fairy pre wedding with bride in underwater of shipwreck is awesome if you expert in take long breath under water. The last and not least is touch from digital image by using retouching software that will make your pre wedding photograph look awesome and unique in attractive way.  The photo editing will less your pre wedding lack and make it wonderful image result.

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