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When you planning for pre wedding photograph, there are some considerations, Flo wedding organizer need to plan pre wedding photograph such as theme, concept and pre wedding outfit. Some couple has missed some factors such as costume and style that makes their good pre wedding concept do not give the expected result. The pre wedding outfit that you need to consider such as mix and match pattern, the style and location you pick for pre wedding photo session.  Here is some guide for pre wedding photo session outfit that matched with some factors.

After Flo wedding organizer consider for picture style you want, you need to choose outfit that support the style. For example, if you plan for outdoor pre wedding, the casual dress will perfect for you. In studio wedding photograph, you can choose the dress with slightly hugging cloth that offers nice body shape.  In other ideas, choose the traditional outfit also considerable for you. For you who choose outdoor pre wedding concept, avoid wearing green color because this will mix with your nature present. Your couple can wear the complimenting color that suit with the concept such as blue or yellow.

Although your pre wedding is directly by your pre wedding photographer, Flo wedding organizer also can add creative idea perfect for your pre wedding. Bring your story love such as taking pre wedding photograph with old school concept where you take uniform as you and your couple meets in your school. It is important for avoid large prints or use character in T-shirt and consider for choosing plain T-shirt with bold colors is available. The bold and bright color clothing will narrow the focus in your emotions and seeking your image and expression attention rather than the pattern prints. Because this pre wedding photo session also benefits for trial your makeup and hairdo, ensure that you can define your style from pre wedding photo session.

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