Beautiful Wedding Venues that Make Everyone Impressed

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Talking about Bali Island never dies. Every single part and area of Bali is so beautiful. The nature, arts and safety deserve to be the main destination for all people in all over the world. It becomes the best place to hold a wedding. It is being the special event and moment for couples getting married in Bali. The couples should find the beautiful wedding venues to make guests impressed with Flo wedding organizer. What are they?

 Rooftop Chapel at Le Meridien
It is great to carry out a wedding ceremony in Rooftop Chapel at Le Meridien. Surely, this is not a beach or mountain name. This wedding location is chapel floor located in the area of Le Meridien Jimbaran Bali. This spot becomes the highest spot in that resort offering white sand situation. This building is made of iron with glass walls and able to accommodate 50 guests. Flo wedding organizer will not let you  get disappointed with this wedding venue because it proffers minimalist interior decoration using wooden benches and furniture.

The Chapel is possibly not located in the edge of riverbank but it is on the fifth floor. It makes groom and bride see the beautiful scenery of Jimbaran beach from the high. This chapel is made the round of ponds looking great to the sea background. In the opposite of Chapel, you can see a ballroom having a nice architecture design concept made of glass. In this ballroom, you can also conduct a wedding reception more than 120 guests.

Getting Married on the Luxury Waka Sailing Catamaran Ship
For those who want to hold a different wedding ceremony with a challenging situation with Flo wedding organizer, it is great to try celebrating a wedding on the luxury Waka Catamaran ship. It becomes one of the beautiful wedding venues in Bali. Many couples prefer getting married on the sea especially on the ship. It creates a memorable wedding moment. When you decided to choose this wedding way, you should consider the waves and weather.

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