5 Reasons Why You Need Pre Wedding Photo

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Pre wedding photo is photo sessions that take couple month before your wedding day. Many couple considers this pre wedding photo because they want to show their love story and happiness to their guest. In addition, this pre wedding photo also able to be your creative way in entertain your wedding booth. Here are top 5 reasons why you need pre wedding photo session by Flo wedding organizer.

First reason why you need pre wedding photo session is eliminating your camera nervous. Sometimes people are not comfortable when stranger get their picture and arrange their pose, but when they are doing pre wedding photo session their nervous and uncomfortable, feeling will eliminated. The pre-weeding session will make you and your photographer closer and this will make your photographer know you personally and know how to expose your image. Next is having artwork and photo in your invitation. By doing pre wedding session, you can create your invitation use your pre wedding photo and save the date. This also gives you creative way in artwork in wall or just stands in canvas in your wedding ceremony.

The third reason why you need to do wedding session is benefit for your hair and makeup trial for your wedding option. Flo wedding organizer will define your best hair makeup and choose accessories that best for your wedding outfit. The fourth reason is you can entertain your wedding reception with slide presentation of your pre wedding photo or making video pre wedding for your wedding reception. The last reason but not least, by pre wedding session, you are able to get the best location to take photo as you cannot get when you in wedding session. For example, in your wedding reception, your bride might limited to move because their gown or by the location, but in pre wedding photo session, this will be eliminated.

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