Balangan Beach Bali

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Balangan Beach Bali can be found on the south-west coastline on the Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu. From Kuta, Seminyak or Canggu, it’s approximately around  1-hour to 1.5-hour journey to Balangan Beach depending on traffic.

Balangan Beach is located in the south of Bali in Uluwatu and is a perfect spot for those looking to enjoy the sun and surf among some of the best water Bali has to offer.

There are two main view points on the cliffs. The first and most popular is a small rocky edge that overlooks the turquoise water. Be careful if you decide to get a photo as the rocks are quite sharp. The second lookout spot is a little further and is a large circular platform covered in lush vines. On the opposite side of the cliff, you’ll also have a perfect view of the nearby beaches and coastline. Not many people stop here so you’ll be able to admire the view all to yourself.

Balangan Bali is not only a popular spot for keen surfers and landscape photographers, but it’s also a location where dozens of wedding shoots are held.

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